About Anesthesia

The word anesthesia (also known as anaesthesia) is derived from two Greek words – “an” that means “without” and esthesis means “sensation”. It is one of the branch of Medical Courses.

Definition –“Anesthesia is the temporary state of unconsciousness that can be done either through injection or by inhalation (breathing in). It numb the sensation of the patient and enables the doctors to carried out medical procedures without any pain and discomfort”.


Anesthesia are of different types namely regional anesthesia (only makes that part of the body unconscious that is to be operated), local anesthesia (similar to regional anesthesia but it is only applied to smaller area) and general anesthesia (makes the body unconscious).

Importance of Anaesthesia

Anaesthesia plays a very important role in the practice of medicine. Using anaesthesia during the surgical procedures has pros and cons.

  • Anaesthesia enables patients to go through the operation safely without feeling any pain.
  • It helps the anesthesiologist to carried out operation easily and efficiently.

Courses & Duration

In India, there are many Universities & Institutions which offers Anesthesia Courses by providing an opportunity to the students to take up the profession of an Anesthetist & Anesthesiologist. Many Institutions offer undergraduate & postgraduate degree programme in the field of Anesthesia & Anesthesiology.


  • Diploma in Anesthesia
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) in Anesthesia: It is three year duration programme.
    • B.Sc. Anaesthesia Technology
    • B.Sc. Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Technology
    • B.Sc. Anaesthesia and Operation Theatre Techniques
    • B.Sc. Medical Technology (OT and Anaesthesia Technology)
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Anesthesia
  • Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Anesthesiology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Anesthesia: The duration of this programme is two years.


To pursue the programme in Anesthesia field, students have to meet the given eligibility criteria:

  • Students have to qualify 10+2 examination with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
  • After 10+2, students have to pass the MBBS degree from a recognized university.
  • After completing the MBBS degree, students can apply for the postgraduate programme in Anesthesia.

Career Prospects

Career in Anesthesiology is one of the most useful areas in the field of healthcare.

There are many job opportunities for the Anesthesiologist. They will get the employment in medical universities or schools, public sectors, outpatient care center, specialty hospital, offices of physicians.

The role of an anesthesiologist is very important during the operations since any allergic reactions may occur in the patient’s body due to the effect of anesthesia.

The duty of the anesthesiologist is to keep an eye on the breathing, blood pressure & heart rate of the patient.

You can also work as a volunteer in any local hospitals or at a health care clinic to gain experience. The requirement of Anesthesiologists is increasing not only in India but also in foreign countries. Other opportunities may exist in military, research field, etc.

After gaining experience, you can work as a teacher in the area of anesthesiology in national & international universities.

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